Currently at Malmbacka

Elf trail 19.11.2022-13.1.2023, open 10 am to 8 pm  

The nature trail is transformed into an elf trail during the months of November – January. When you walk along the trail you can enjoy nature and quietness. At 24 red balls you will find pictures, questions and some puzzles to solve. You can follow what the elves do and you can also manage to see more elves in the forest looking forward here and there. Feel free to count how many elves you see in the forest.

Now you can leave you wish list with us and the forest’s small elves and animals will take it to Santa

This is what to do:

– Write your wish list at home

– Write down your name and address at the bottom

– Fold the wish list, place it in an envelope and seal it

– Address the envelope to Santa Claus

– Attach a stamp to the envelope

– Follow the Elf Trail

until you find the red mailbox / Christmas mail

– Put your letter in the mailbox, and the

forest’s small elves and animals will make sure that Santa gets

your letter.       

The path is dimly lit at 4-8 pm. 20 and 27th of nov. and 3 th, 6th, 10 th, 17 th 25 th and 26 th of dec. It’s good to have your own flashlight with you.                                                                                               

The trail is suitable for children – adults and groups. Booking of Elf Trail includes pick-nick place, the place we give out on arrival. The trail should be booked no later than one day before the visit.


1 -10 persons = 10 €

11 – 20 persons = 20 €                                                                                                                                                             21 – 30 persons = 30 €                                                                                                                                                              Prices: For barbecue sites, adults 10 € / person, children 5 € / 1-17 years.

Reservations and Payment: Cash on site or via Mobilepay on phone: 040-5419236.      Remember to walk quietly and calmly along the path so you can enjoy the atmosphere, the silence ant the nature.                                                                                                                                                             

Our twelft Charcoal Weekend is celebrated on 9.9 – 10.9.2023

Charcoal stack is lit Sat: 9.9 approx: 13.00, stack gets its name,

Church service Sun: 10.9 at 12.00,

Woodcutter competition Sun: 10.9 approx: 14.00, advance registration or on site to Tommen on phone: 040-5419236.

Program during the weekend: Information about charring in miles, exhibitions, Dan Andersson’s songs and sing-alongs performed by Susann Sonntag and Oskar Gräsbeck, folk dance, market, charcoal sales, display of charcoal clothes, contemporary food – charcoal buns with lingonberry jam and near beer, coffee and dip, nature trail – the mystery of the charcoal forest.

After 5 pm, the coal team gets ready for the evening’s work with charcoal stack and preparations for the vigil at charcoal stack.

Arr. Sällskapet Skogens Svarta Guld r.f. and Malmbacka

Norrbyvägen 45, Snappertuna, N 59o 59,267 ’E 23o 35,981’

Free entrance

Welcome !

Open year-round

We are open year-round and we offer you experiences in the Charcoal Forest in every season. Every season has its charm and to experience nature’s quiet with free roaming animals is quite unique.

It is very cozy to sleep in the charcoal worker’s hut in the winter while the wind is howling outside. This reminds you of the old days when the charcoal workers tended their stacks and slept in their huts in the forest. Life was hard in those days and the charcoal had to be ready before Christmas.

You can stay overnight in a charcoal worker’s hut in the winter, enjoy a winter sauna in the middle of the forest, walk through the snow with an old-time lantern, while snow is falling on the snow-covered path. You chop the wood and burn it in the woodstove to make the hut warm and cozy. Prepare some food at the campfire and experience a stress-free moment in the Charcoal Forest. We will bring you drinking water which you should keep in the hut so that it won’t freeze. You may also melt snow to make coffee and prepare food. 

When staying overnight in the winter, please remember to pack warm clothes.

Nature trail

Along the path you can enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature. You can also test your knowledge about animals and there are of course also some questions about charcoal making. The nature trail is suitable for both children and adults, groups etc.

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The nature trail is free

20.1-29.3    Winter trail

4.4-26.4      Easter path

1.5-29.5      Spring trail

1.6-26.7      Summer trail

1.8-25.10    Autumn trail

30.10-1.11  Dark weekend / Ghoist trail. The path is dimly illuminated at. 18-20. Good to bring a flashlight.

7.11.2020-13.1.2021   Elf trail. The path is dimly illuminated at 16-20 on 29.11, 5, 12, 19, 25 and 26.12. Good to bring a flashlight.