Sällskapet Skogens Svarta Guld r.f

Sällskapet Skogens Svarta Guld r.f

The working group Skogens Svarta Guld carried out the Charcoalburner´s Weekend during the years 2012 – 2017. The association Sällskapet Skogens Svarta Guld r.f. was founded on 6.11.2018.

-The association’s main purpose is to increase and preserve the general interest in coaling in mila, cultural history and nature.

-The association engages in coal burning in Snappertuna.

-The association participates in the general cultural debate, information opportunities, meetings, seminars, conferences and association meetings.

-The association issues publications and writings.

-The association researches, maintains contact with similar organizations in the home country and abroad.

-To support its activities, the association can receive donations and wills, also own real estate and organize lotteries and fundraisers

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us in one way or another over the years. Konstsamfundet, Metsämiesten säätiö, Nygréns stiftelse, Per Spakis stiftelse, Raseborgs Stad, Sophie von Julins stiftelse, Stiftelsen Emilie och Rudolf Gesellius fond, Svenska Kulturfonden, Trygve och Hjördis Nymans stiftelse, William Thurins stiftelse, Firma R. Jung, Nygren Helena, R.Jung.